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Idea - We are users/customers

One day at the beginning of 2016, Iñaki buys two garments of the same brand in the same shop that require different sizes to fit him. Iñaki thinks about how this would affect online sales and returns and talks about the situation to Pedro and Nestor, old colleagues from prior startups to work on a new idea. Together, they analyse the problem and eventually, uSizy is founded in the middle of 2016.

Origin January 2016

The origin

When two garments of the same brand were purchased together for the same person, different sizes were needed for the right fit.

Experimentation - Biking

Pedro and Iñaki (both engineers) develop the first version of their size recommendation engine based on machine learning, configuring products and patterns for 30 biking brands.

Testing July 2016

The product

The product is tested with some eCommerces over several months and improvements are achieved.

Working together

Experts from big companies (Inditex, Google, etc.) and industry (footwear, fashion, etc.) help uSizy understand the main pains and needs in the market

Isomorphic algorithm

Machine learning needs to learn faster. uSizy develops isomorphic technology: the best technology in the market, connecting products with same patterns (from the same brand or not) and increasing the speed of machine learning.

Innovating November 2016
A growing number of eCommerce using the size recommendation engine increase their sales and reduce returns significantly across all brands

Going global

After successful results in Biking, solutions for Sports in general and footwear are developed. The size recommendation engine now works for 100 brands, with all size systems and in 23 languages.

International April 2017


uSizy creates footwear solution with a model comparison system and machine learning.

Fashion technology

uSizy develops a fashion solution with new changes in tech processes with new fashion patterns

Fashion July 2017
The size recommendation engine is used by more than 50 eCommerce around the world and with excellent results in all of them. uSizy gets a score of 9 from its customers. No customers lost

Growing up

The uSizy team grows and hires expert engineers and mathematicians to get to the next level: Developing solutions for stock, logistics and pricing

Next level 03 January

The future

uSizy starts to analyse other pains in the eCommerce world and develops first versions of the different products

Investment funds

U.S. investment funds rely on uSizy's current and future technology to build the future of retail

Stock breakage

The team analyses how to monitor and predict stock breakage by category, product and size

Stock April 2018


The team analyses the impact of predicting returns, customer services and future stock breakage

Logistics August 2018


The team analyses how to improve the pricing model by product and size in an eCommerce based on data and prediction

Pricing August 2018
uSizy is world leader in size recommendation in Sports and works with more than 300 brands in Sports, Footwear and Fashion. Customers publish success stories and no customer lost in 2 years. +20% conversion rate, -25% return rate due to size error, +3% loyalty

Future is now

uSizy launches a beta version of uSizy Smart Business. This platform includes new products: uSizy Size Adviser, Smart Stock, Smart Logistics and Smart Pricing

Boosting 03 January


uSizy works with customers and experts to analyse and improve uSizy Smart Business new products

Feedback 03 January
August - 2019
uSizy Smart Business is launched for everyone.

Data driven

uSizy offers the best products for retails based on machine learning and big data

Taking your business up a size

uSizy technology boosts sales, reduces returns, increases loyalty, eliminates stock breakage and predicts key information for businesses