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Take your business up a size

Solve sizing issues, predict and improve stock breakage, and adjust pricing for highest margins

uSizy Size Adviser

Recommend the exact size for each specific product using the best big data and latest technology. Boost sales, reduce returns and increase customer loyalty

Collect key data on your business to solve issues in stock management, maximize profits through smart pricing, and understand your customers and demand.

Integrate it with only 2 lines of code!

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Our platform allows you to access a range of products and algorithms capable of solving top pains by predicting size, stock breakage, the most profitable price points, and the quantity of returns, all at product and size level.

uSizy Size Adviser

Recommend the exact size for apparel and footwear, boosting conversion and customer loyalty, and reducing returns, through machine learning and isomorphism.

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Smart Stock

Manage stock supply the best possible way: prevent and improve stock breakage drawing from Big Data on demand and conversion rate for each product by size.

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Smart Logistics

Plan and save on more efficient stock, customer services and transportation logistics, anticipating what sizes have a high probability to be returned.

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Smart Pricing

Adjust pricing by size, product, and category and improve margins from data-driven predictions on conversion rate and demand for each price by size.

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uSizy Big Data

It's time to know your customers demand, their profiles, the sizes they are looking for, the buyer profiles that generate the most and least business, and the highest-margin sizes and products. It's time to predict and take data-driven decisions...

It's time to evolve with today's world!

2 lines of code to solve sizing, improve stock and logistics management and define the best prices

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