Smart Logistics

Plan your logistics by anticipating probable returns by products and sizes

Boost your eCommerce implementing profitable processes by anticipating products and sizes that have a higher probability of return and potentially carry more risk.

Logistics prediction software

Save time and money by anticipating purchases and prioritizing stock

Smart Logistics uses data analytics to make you plan transportation and stock more profitably. Our advanced tool makes your planning more efficient by anticipating products and sizes with a higher probability of return.

Grow your business maximizing profit.

Manage stock smartly based on customer demand.

Manage stock efficiently: reduce costs, improve processes.

Avoid stock-outs to increase customer satisfaction.

Optimize your business avoiding stocks-outs.

Analyze past results to predict future returns.

Implement risk alerts to avoid problems.

Receive key data to run operations more efficiently

Anticipate stock and logistics plans

Get to know the risk of return for specific orders instantly and improve your logistics plan

With Smart Logistics you can instantly know if an order has a high risk of return and proceed to improve and plan your logistics or carry out more advanced customer service

Real time stock return alerts.

Receive returns alerts when purchased products have a high probability of being returned

Choose your stock wisely.

Prepare for returns due to size error in real time with live data and update stock for products purchased with a low return rate.

Plan transportation routes in advance.

Optimize transportation logistics with data on most probable sales and returns, coordinating the most efficient routes.

Create profitable processes.

Save time and money on optimized stock, inventory management and efficient delivery and return transportation

Our Technology

Analyze your logistics risk and data from anywhere

Access all data necessary to anticipate logistic needs and make informed decisions in real time. From any device, from anywhere

Super easy integration

Identify purchases at risk of being returned and reduce operational costs and risk

Products sold at risk of being returned due to size error

Products sold with low probability of return

Risk summary

Potential losses and costs

Purchases at risk by probability

Our technology is very easy to integrate
with only two lines of code

in Desktop, iOs and Android Apps

Our other solutions

Profit solutions for today’s
eCommerce world.

We develop tools, features and products that bring benefits to your business, make your eCommerce scalable and generate a better relationship with your clients.

Size Adviser

Recommend the exact size to your customers

Smart Stock

Optimize your stock and predict future needs.

Smart Pricing

Forget about static prices and implement optimal ones.

Smart Logistics

Make your logistic plan more efficient eliminating risks.

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