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At Usizy not only do we work hard to offer the best product in the market, but we also take care of the relationship with our customers by being part of their team.

Our success stories show rates but also human stories in which teams have worked together to achieve the proposed objectives.

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Usizy in Worldwide WORLDWIDE

Usizy became Tradeinn's partner five years ago. Ahead of a Black Friday campaign, Tradeinn activated 30 brands, and before the holidays, Usizy was serving its technology to 60 brands.

Currently, Usizy recommends the exact size in over 800 fashion, sports, bra, and footwear brands for +15 eCommerce.

Usizy - Tradeinn - David Martin
David Martin
CEO at Tradeinn

“Usizy quickly became the best partner we could find in significantly boosting sales, reducing returns and improving our stock, all with consistent, extraordinary service. Usizy Solutions is our platform in more than 800 brands”

Black Noble

Usizy in Turkey TURKEY

Black Noble needed a solution to reduce its high rates of returns on luxury and leather products and meet ambitious new global targets.

We have been partners for 2 years and have applied our technology to difficult textures and garments. Thanks to our service, working closely with their team and our Size Adviser, we were able to achieve the desired goals.

Usizy - Black Noble - Halil Çelik
Halil Çelik
Director of eCommerce at Black Noble

“The perfect tool for our global goals. It is extraordinary that it offers body suggestions and solutions in every country and in every language. We have also increased the number of countries where we make sales equivalent to our sales conversion rate. Fast communication and solution oriented regardless of time difference. Congratulations Usizy.”


Usizy in European Union EUROPE

xSuit had tried other sizing solutions but was unable to improve their return rates and was unhappy with the service. Their shirts and suits products are complex to achieve a perfect fit.

After 2 months of using Size Adviser, it was verified a significant improvement in their return rate because of size errors thanks to Usizy's technology. Furthermore, our team works in close collaboration with clients to achieve their goals.

Usizy - xSuit - Adrien Giroudon
Adrien Giroudon
CEO at xSuit

“After only 2 months of use, we noticed a big reduction in the number of tickets due to size issues. The majority of customers use the Usizy module which is very easy to use. The price is very competitive compared to other modules which most often charge high set-up fees.”

Blue Banana

Usizy in European Union EUROPE

Blue Banana tried other solutions before Usizy. Due to poor results, they decided to implement Size Adviser to reach higher goals and new needs with top service.

We have been partners for 3 years and we are very proud to be able to help a great brand to grow sustainably with our Size Adviser product, pattern optimization, etc.

Usizy - Blue Banana - Nacho Rivera
Nacho Rivera
CEO at Blue Banana

“At Blue Banana, we have always focused on offering a perfect shopping experience for our customer taking care of every detail. Since working with Usizy this goal is more than fulfilled and behind a great tool there is a wonderful team.”


Usizy in Spain SPAIN

Intropia had used several size recommendation tools in the past that did not work before choosing Usizy Size Adviser.

Usizy analyzed over 25 patterns from Intropia designs and associated them with patterns from Usizy big data prior to creating a new set of different patterns for the Intropia brand. Technology did the rest. After 30 days of implementation, Intropia improved its sales and returns rate performance. A success story was published with the achieved results.

Usizy - Intropia - Antonio Bejarano
Antonio Bejarano
eCommerce Manager

“For years we faced issues with consumer confidence in online shopping and tested many technologies to reduce returns. Then Usizy blew us away and got real results in such a short amount of time. We are happy to have them as our partner.”

Usizy: Award for the best technology for eCommerce

Usizy in European Union EUROPE | AWARDS

Usizy is a start-up that has established itself as a benchmark in the world of online shopping for clothing, footwear, bras and bicycles.

It is the most innovative and accurate solution on the market for predicting and recommending sizes for online stores. It combines the most advanced machine learning with big data and isomorphic algorithms, managing to choose the right size for the user in a wide variety of categories, which translates into a large increase in sales, a significant reduction in returns and costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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