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uSizy Smart Stock

How many purchases are you currently losing due to stock breakage of specific sizes for each garment?

Identify blocks

Understand demand Analyze by product and size Analyze conversion rates

Solve issues

Reduce blocks and losses Anticipate stock breakage Prioritize your business

Increase sales

Improve stock management Reduce user frustration Boost business
Smart Stock

Manage your stock supply more effectively by preventing and improving stock breakage, leveraging Big data on demand and conversion rates for each product and size

Understand your customers

Know which buyer profiles generate the most business for you and identify lower-performing ones to prioritize your business according to demand

Understand Your Products by Size

Analyze the sales and returns performance of every size for every product and plan your stock around sizes and products in high or low demand

Manage Stock for Highest Success

Anticipate stock breakage with demand data on customers, products and sizes and maximize the efficiency and profitability of your stock supply

Keep Customers Happy

Eliminate user frustration by having products and sizes available that you know are in demand, especially for customers, products and sizes that generate the most business

The best data analytics for stock

-$6,234 -17.23% Potential lost purchases to gain with full stock availability
Potential extra purchases lost due to stock breakage
Actual purchases achieved for this period

2 lines of code to solve sizing, improve stock and logistics management and define the best prices

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