Smart Stock

Stock prediction solution.
Maximize sales.
Beat stockouts.

Smart Stock is the stock prediction tool to avoid stockouts and predict future needs with data analytics and shoppers demand intelligence. Size Adviser collects unique high quality data allowing Smart Stock to generate more accurate predictions based on real demand

Stock prediction software

Get to know your real demand and conversion by product and size

Our stock prediction tool will identify blocks, solve issues and increase sales by managing the most intricate aspects of your eCommerce business and the buyer’s purchasing habits

Resolve Issues based on customer behaviours

Smart Stock - Identify blocks and losses

Identify blocks and losses that need to be solved

Smart Stock - Anticipate future stockouts

Anticipate future stockouts

Smart Stock - Prioritize products on high demand

Prioritize products on high demand: plan for optimal prices and optimal stock quantity

Boost sales maximizing profitability

Smart Stock - Improve stock management
Smart Stock -

Improve stock management by having the optimal amount of products required to meet your demand

Smart Stock - Reduce user frustration

Reduce user frustration and save otherwise lost customers

Smart Stock - Maximise profitability

Maximise profitability: sell everything you bought with higher margins for products that are in high demand

Improve stockouts management

Manage your stock supply more effectively by preventing and improving stockouts

Our stock prediction software takes stock management to the next level by analyzing the entire sales and inventory history, but more importantly, identifying your customers real demand and conversion by product and size

Smart Stock - Stock prediction software
Smart Stock - Know your buyer profiles
Know your buyer profiles

Know which buyer profiles generate the most business for you and identify lower-performing ones to prioritize your business according to demand

Smart Stock - Plan your stock based on demand
Plan your stock based on demand

Know which buyer profiles generate the most business for you and identify lower-performing ones to prioritize your business according to demand

Smart Stock - Anticipate stockout
Anticipate stockouts.

Maximize the efficiency and profitability of your stock supply using high quality demand data analyzed at customer, product and size level.

Smart Stock - Keep your customers happy
Keep your customers happy

Eliminate user frustration by maintaining stock for the products and sizes that you know are in demand, especially for customers, products and sizes that generate the most business

Customer Service

This is what our clients think of our technology and service

All our customers value our personalised service and attention from onboarding, product analysis, benchmarking, business monitoring and continuous improvement

Technology & Innovation

The best data analytics for stock only on our platform

You can prioritise better and make decisions based on real numbers, derived from data analytics constantly updated in our dashboard.

Super easy integration

Prioritise and manage your stock based on current and actual demand

Smart Stock - Potential lost purchases to recover with full stock availability.

Potential lost purchases to be recovered with full stock availability

Smart Stock - Potential extra purchases lost due to stockouts

Potential extra purchases lost due to stockouts

Smart Stock - Actual purchases achieved for this period

Actual purchases achieved per period

Smart Stock - Best CVR by category.

Best CVR by category

Smart Stock - Biggest Losses by category

Biggest losses by category

Our technology is very easy to integrate
with only two lines of code

in Desktop, iOs and Android Apps

Size recommendation tool - Desktop
Size recommendation tool - iOS
Size recommendation tool - Android
+30 million of recommendations per month

A proven original technology that works with more than 3.000 brands and 500 eCommerce

Whether you sell your own brand or hundreds of brands, our size recommender provides a great service for all sizes of businesses whatever their category or product type

Usizy solutions

Profit solutions for today’s
eCommerce world

We develop tools, features and products that bring benefits to your business, make your eCommerce scalable and generate a better relationship with your clients.

Size Adviser
Size Adviser

Recommend the exact
size to your customers

Smart Stoc
Smart Stock

Optimize your stock and predict future needs.

Smart Pricing
Smart Pricing

Forget about static prices and implement optimal ones.

Smart Logistics
Smart Logistics

Make your logistic plan more efficient eliminating risks.

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