Size Adviser

The most
accurate size recommendation tool

Our size tool is the most advanced and accurate sizing technology in the market for your e-Commerce and instore. Size Adviser delights your online shoppers with exact and personalized size recommendations, and boosts your business results.

+30 million of recommendations per month

A proven original technology that works with more than 3.000 brands and 500 e-Commerce

Whether you sell your own brand or hundreds of brands, our size recommender provides a great service for all sizes of businesses whatever their category or product type

Feel like your shopper

Recommend exact size, boost sales and cut returns

Experience how to confirm your exact size in just seconds as a shopper in your e-Commerce.

Our size tool is integrated with only 2 lines of code and available for clothing, footwear, bras, bicycles, helmets, and gloves, for fashion and sport, for adults and children, on Desktop and Mobile, for iOS and Android Apps.

Fashion apparel


Tops & bras


Increase your
average cart size

Size recommendation tool - Boost sales


Increase your
customers loyalty

Size recommendation tool - Increase loyalty


Reduce purchase
decision-making time

Size recommendation tool - Reduce purchase making-decision time


products returns

Size recommendation tool - Reduce returns


Operations benefits

Reduce returns and related costs and be sustainable.

Size recommendation tool - Reduce returns

Eliminate returns due to size error by facilitating the purchase of the right sizes only.

Size recommendation tool - Slash return-related cost killing your profitability

Slash return-related costs killing your profitability: delivery, transportation, packaging, logistics, etc.

Size recommendation tool - Reduce the environmental impact

Reduce the environmental impact of avoidable deliveries of the wrong size or multiple sizes.

Customer satisfaction

Delight customers with a more satisfiying and confident experience.

Size recommendation tool - Remove the frictio generated by Size guides

Remove the friction generated by unusable, inaccurate and outdated Size Guides.

Size recommendation tool - Reduce the average purchase making-decision time

Reduce the average purchase decision-making time by providing a fast and seamless shopping experience

Size recommendation tool - Improve overall buyer satisfaction

Improve overall buyer satisfaction by getting rid of the hassle and costs involved in size error returns.

Super easy integration

The most powerfull sizing technology with the easiest integration in your e-Commerce

You can easily start improving your sales with only 2 simple lines of code. That’s it. Through this code and your product feed, your e-Commerce will increase business from day 1.

Our technology is very easy to integrate with Desktop, iOS and Android Apps

Size recommendation tool - Desktop
Size recommendation tool - iOS
Size recommendation tool - Android
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Technology & Innovation

Better experience.
More Profit.
One platform.

With our platform you can track results from day 1. A complete analytical dashboard will allow you to measure improvements, view and understand conversions and generate more sales. All our products and services under one platform.

Product & Customer Service

This is what our clients think of our technology and service

All our customers value our personalised service and attention from onboarding, product analysis, benchmarking, business monitoring and continuous improvement.

Our Size tool currently works with over 3.000 brands, spanning over 150 countries and available in 25 languages. Size Adviser integrates all international size and measurement systems, providing an easy-to-use, superior sizing solution across markets, brands and e-Commerce platforms.

Boost your business... even more!

Our profit solutions for
today’s business world.

We develop products with and for our customers in order to help them improve their business in the different pains of their day to day life:
size, stock, price, logistics, etc.

Size recommendation tool - Recommend the exact size to your customers
Size Adviser

Recommend the exact size to your customers

Smart Stock
Smart Stock

Optimize your stock and predict future needs.

Smart Pricing
Smart Pricing

Forget about static prices and implement optimal ones.

Smart Logistics
Smart Logistics

Make your logistic plan more efficient eliminating risks.

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