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Usizy is a start-up that has established itself as a benchmark in the world of online shopping for clothing, footwear, bras and bicycles.

It is the most innovative and accurate solution on the market for predicting and recommending sizes for online stores. It combines the most advanced machine learning with big data and isomorphic algorithms, managing to choose the right size for the user in a wide variety of categories, which translates into a large increase in sales, a significant reduction in returns and costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Usizy in Spain WWD

Madrid-based Usizy serves brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike and Lacoste, among others — reducing returns, on average, by 25 percent.

Citing data from Statista, the U.S. returns problem will surmount $650 billion by 2022, up 100 percent from 2015. With Usizy Smart Business, companies can see on average, returns rates reduced by 25 percent, conversion rates boosted 20 percent, as well as customer loyalty lifted by 3 percent.

Usizy in Spain Spain - 02 february, 2022

Based on thousands of similar user profiles, Size Adviser's recommendations give users the confidence to buy and the happiness of not having to return

E-commerce working with Usizy currently sees an increase in overall conversion of at least 25%. Size Adviser achieves a 317% conversion increase versus a size guide, reduces size error returns by 29% on average across more than 3,000 apparel and footwear brands, reduces purchasing decision-time by 20%, increases loyalty (repeat purchases) by 10% and quantity of products in the shopping cart by up to 20%.

Usizy in Turkey USIZY IN TURKEY

Although eCommerce is growing day by day in Turkey, the reflection of this growth in sales rates is very low. A large part of the reflected sales revenue is wasted on returns.

Türkiye’de e-ticaret gün geçtikçe büyürken bu büyümenin satış oranlarına yansıması çok düşük. Yansıyan satışlardan elde edilen gelirlerin ise büyük bir kısmı iadelerle birlikte çöpe gidiyor. Perakende ve e-ticaret firmalarına stok çözümleri desteği sunan Usizy Türkiye Ülke Müdürü Mehmet Çankal, bu durumun firmalara verdiği zararı değerlendirdi ve çözüm önerileri sundu.

Usizy in Spain Spain - 02 february, 2022

uSizy Smart Stock: its technology based on predictive systems, algorithms and machine learning can analyze real-time demand and conversion rates and know the rate of out-of-stock for each size of each product, taking into account seasonal and promotional factors, etc.

In this way, it is able to show the ecommerce how much business it is losing daily from each size of each product to each size group, as well as how much business will be lost in the coming days or months in the same way, or how many products and sizes are in danger of overstock.

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